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What is

Hooqt is a social gaming platform with a twist made for fun loving people who enjoy socialising and playing memorable games on a variety of different platforms inclusive of mobile, tablet and PC. Fun and enjoyment means everything to us at Hooqt so our goal is to publish the best games that we can possibly source.

What are browser games?

If you have used a browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome then you should be familiar with flash or other embedded plugins that allow you to play games or watch movies. Browsers are the most common tools used by almost everyone to surf the internet so it makes them the perfect cross platform environment for playing games in.

What plugins do I need?

Currently we support flash as the standard plugin that you require to play our games. Always be sure to have the latest version of flash installed on your machine to avoid any compatibility issues. You can download the latest version of flash by visiting and

Which Flash version do I need?

You need Flash version 11.2 or newer. You can download the latest version of flash by visiting and

Which Browsers are supported?

We support any browser capable of installing a flash plugin. Some of the most commonly used browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Which Operating Systems are supported?

Currently we support Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS however iPhones and iPad’s do not currently support flash.

Do I need a powerful computer?

The games we publish are made to work on devices with a minimum capability of an Intel i5 2.4GHZ CPU or equivalent AMD and 4GB of ram. Although our games can be played on less powerful devices however you may encounter lag or slowdown of gameplay in some instances.

My game isn't loading

The first step is check and make sure you have flash installed. You can visit the following link to check Sometimes due to bandwidth or loss of connectivity issues on the internet the game download can suddenly stop. Try the following steps often helps:

  1. Close all internet browsers and re-open the website.
  2. Refresh the website (Ctrl + F5).
  3. Clear the cache (Ctrl + Shift +Delete, and select all except your password).

If you still have problems loading and running the games then try using a different browser such as (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.).

For further help and support you can email us at Please state your Operating system, Browser type and version, your flash version and the game name.

How safe is Hooqt’s payment system?

We work with payment providers such as Visa or Paypal to protect your financial information using advanced security methods, including (SSL) encryption. We never share your financial information with anyone outside the payment process. We track all payment activity on our websites and games to detect behavior that could indicate fraud or identity theft.

What are Diamonds?

Diamonds are our in-game currency. Just like in real life, you can use Diamonds to buy great items. But you can also use them to speed up quests and missions so you progress faster in the game. You can use Diamonds across our whole platform for any of the games that we publish. In games where you can buy Diamonds, they’re totally optional—you can decide how you want to play!

How do I buy Diamonds?

You need a valid user login account to be able to purchase Diamonds on hooqt. Once logged in you can purchase Diamonds from a variety of different places such as Hooqt itself (Refer to the Buy More buttons) , from the dedicated game sites or in-game shops.

How can I pay?

Different countries have different financial systems and laws—so the way players can pay for Diamonds differs around the world. When you buy Diamonds, you will only be shown the payment methods which are available in your country/region. Many of our players pay using credit cards or paypal. US dollars are the default currency that we use however where possible we do try and use your local currency instead.

My child has made a payment without my permission!!!

In order to make online payments possible, we have to assume that the player making the payment has permission from the cardholder. That’s because we can’t ask to see their signature or get them to enter a PIN number like a store can. We recommend that you always make credit card payments yourself, rather than giving the card to your child. Payments on Hooqt are not refundable.

I need help with a my payment

If anything goes wrong during the payment process, we’re here to help. First, go through the same steps that we advise here. If that doesn’t solve your problem, please contact stating your full name, username and time of transaction and a clear description.