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Farming and Offline Progress have been released!

March 25th 2015

As always the team behind The Little Vikings is working hard to improve the game and add new features. This week, our new farming feature has gone live, as well as a number of other updates to the game.

Grow vegetables and crops on the new Farmlands and feed them to your Little Vikings to raise their energy levels. This new feature adds an additional way to increase your energy besides sleeping in a Cottage, adding more gameplay variety and excitement to the game. You can now eat something while fighting against strong monsters or other players to stay in the fight instead of having to retreat to your village to rest in a cottage.

The huge game world of The Little Viking now continues running while you are offline, which means you will find new trees and fog on your island if you come back to the game in the morning after a good night's sleep. This is very helpful for the new farming feature as some of the crops and vegetables can take a while to grow - they will continue growing even after you log out!

Coming soon: Prepare even tastier things for your Vikings to eat with the new Recipes. The food you prepare this way will restore even more energy for your little Vikings and will eventually become part of the quests as well. You may find Thor being hungry for Chestnut soup, for example, and if you don't prepare some for him he may even become angry and destroy one of your buildings!

New quests are being added to the game regularly. Will you find out what is causing the earthquakes on your island? Is the volcano getting ready to become active and erupt? Who or what is the mysterious force that keeps making monsters appear on your island?

There are also several bug-fixes as well as improvements to the loading speed and performance of The Little Vikings. Our continuous thanks go out to all the players who joined the beta!

Keep your eye on the news section for the latest updates to the Hooqt website and The Little Vikings. And join the developers: What would you like us to add to the game or improve upon? Visit the Hooqt forums and let us know!