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Check out the Latest Updates to The Little Vikings

July 9th 2014

The developers behind The Little Vikings are hard at work creating exiting new features and improvements for the game. Here's a look at some of the recent additions:

You can now spice up your island with these new Decorations:

You can now collect over 300 new gameplay Trophies by defeating monsters, expanding and decorating your village and more. Each of The Little Vikings has several unique trophies that can be earned depending on his or her personality. Another very useful feature planned for future release is a trophy menu which gives the player the ability to view all collected trophies as well as information on how to earn new ones.

Improved Ghost AI now ensures that the Little Vikings will eventually return to your village when they are defeated. This improvement means that defeated Little Vikings will try to return to safety before they come back to life, making them less likely to be killed by monsters twice in a row.

Your Little Vikings will now finish their current action when you switch to another Little Viking. This enhancement speeds up the gameplay, as you can now give a Little Viking an order (such as to sleep or to cut a tree) and safely switch to another Little Viking without having to worry that the previous order will be ignored.

The behavior you select for each Little Viking with the right-click menu is now stored, even if you leave the game. This improvement now gives the players better control over The Little Vikings.

And finally, Decorations are now bought in a continuous buying action, instead of one at a time, making it even easier and more fun to decorate your island to your taste!

We have a lot of new features and modifications planned for The Little Vikings in the next few weeks and upcoming months so be sure to visit the our news section frequently and keep up to date. Lead Designer David: "We have a lot more exciting things in the works such as the ability to visit another player's island or find new monsters. Most of all, we want to hear from our players. What would you like us to add to the game or improve upon? Visit the forum and let us know."