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Come and meet the Little Vikings! These brave adventurers need your help to settle a mysterious and magical island. With guidance of Odin, father of the gods, lead your own band of Little Vikings as they defeat monsters, build homes and explore a strange new land.

A dark force is corrupting the island and creating evil monsters! Only you can help the Little Vikings survive, thrive and discover the truth. You'll have endless fun getting to know your Little Vikings as they search for precious resources, build places to party and become fearsome warriors. Make sure they're ready to meet the Norse gods, who might just visit your island to put your skills to the test!

Inga is a brave lass who isn't afraid of any monsters!

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Olaf has a taste for adventure, and wants to become the leader of your new Little Viking settlement.

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Hilda wants to rule over the island like a queen.

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Join our growing community of amazing Vikings.

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So the story begins almost three years ago when the talented team at Micazook began working on The Little Vikings title. Michael: ”From the outset it was clear that we wanted to create a browser based social game that looked awesome and was fun to play, with huge terrain and lots to discover”. So the team began experimenting with an in house engine built from the ground up. Olgierd / Adrian: “The aim was to try and render the largest number of simultaneous animated objects in flash on the largest terrain with 30 FPS or more”.